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Proposed Exhibits for the Boston Tea Part Ships & Museum

The all-new Boston museum will be located in the middle of the Fort Point Channel and will include interactive exhibits; fascinating videos, living history programs, three dimensional displays and authentic memorabilia that will transport guests back to that night in December 1773.

Diagram of the three proposed ships | Illustration by James Abundis/ The Boston Globe

The entire complex is meant to be a multilayered experience that will involve many areas of opportunity for reenacted interpretation of the Boston Tea Party in the context of Colonial America.

The Layered Experience
The experience at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum begins with a re-enactor passing out the handbill in front of the building while announcing the meeting. Guests will be will be provided with a ticket imprinted with the identity of a participant whose life will be followed through the facility experience.

The Meeting House
A sensory rich media opportunities will take place at the two “meeting houses” where there will be intense moments during which the three ships lay in the harbor of Boston with the tea still on board.

Griffin’s Wharf
Griffin’s Wharf will have several opportunities for people to have their photos taken behind cutout figures of men, women and children in colonial garb. At a signal from one of the docents, an appropriately sized group will then enter the museum foyer and a re-enactor will talk about the tension in the city and the events of the Tea Party in retrospect.

Diagram of the exterior of The Brig Beaver

Diagram of the exterior of The Brig Beaver | Illustration by James Abundis/ The Boston Globe

Boston Museum
The Boston museum foyer will have two audio visual presentations on each side of British soldiers haranguing the entering “patriots” at bayonet point to move along and calling them traitors. The guests will then enter through the doors into the museum and be confronted with a blind that will have a morning waterfront view of Boston Harbor with the tea crates floating in front of them. There will be an indication to go either left or right for one of two presentations. One being a patriot point of view and one being a Tory point of view.

Diagram of the proposed top and lower decks where visitors will tour.

Diagram of the proposed top and lower decks where visitors will tour | Illustration by James Abundis/ The Boston Globe

Robinson Half Chest
This will be a presentation about the story of John Robinson, a young apprentice who probably participated in the Tea Party event the night before, who finds the half chest in the sand just off Dorchester Heights. The story of the incredible journey of the tea crate and its unlikely salvation and eventual return to Boston will be told in a compelling manner using narration and representations of the articles of provenance in the possession of the museum.

The Debate Between King George III and Sam Adams
This exhibit will be a set of static paintings will actually come to life and a spirited debate between King George III and Sam Adams will ensue, discussing the viewpoints of the King and the leader and planner of the Boston Tea Party as to why it occurred in the first place and the violent reaction by Parliament and the
King and the effect on Boston and its people.

The Minuteman Theatre
This exhibit allows the audience to actually become part of the Minuteman rebels.

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