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Laugh Boston

Comedy takes stage at the Seaport Innovation District


Laugh Boston is making no joke about upping the comedy ante here in Boston!

Laugh Boston, a new 300-seat comedy club due to open in August in the Seaport District. The partners behind it — Norm Laviolette, Chet Harding, and John Tobin — are betting clubs can still work with an onstage mix of local comedians and medium-size names: up-and-comers just starting to crack the national market as well as acts on their way back down the ladder.

Laugh Boston will be a different kind of business, says Laviolette, whose 15-year-old Improv Asylum pays its bills by doing both stage shows and corporate gigs. Unlike some clubs that have come and gone in the basements or side rooms of other establishments, Laugh Boston will control its own space, dictating its own schedule, able to rent the space out for conferences or private shows during the day.

Laugh Boston is a partnership of John Tobin and Chet Harding and Norm Laviolette, (co-founders of Improv Asylum). The group will open a stand-alone Comedy Club, Laugh Boston, at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel in the Seaport District this summer.

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